As a founding member of RegEd, John has worked for more than 20 years to transform RegEd into the market-leading provider of regulatory compliance education and enterprise solutions for the financial services industry. Under his leadership and direction, RegEd ascended from a single-product company into the industry leader, serving hundreds of enterprise clients and more than one million end users.

Beginning in 2000, John worked to expand RegEd beyond its traditional role as the leading provider of continuing education to agents and advisors.  Directing a seasoned team of technologists and engaging key clients in the process, RegEd created RegEd’s enterprise compliance management platform with integrated compliance workflow, process automation and reporting capabilities critical to maintaining compliance with state and federal financial services rules and regulations. Today, the platform is implemented in the top broker-dealers and insurance companies in the country.  Through additional development and strategic acquisitions, RegEd’s platform has evolved into an unparalleled solution in the financial services compliance industry.

John’s passions include product management, a truly consultative client engagement process, and, above all, a commitment to client satisfaction.  This commitment has given shape to RegEd’s organizational structure, which is client-experience focused and has enabled the company to create strong and lasting client relationships.  It has also resulted in a solution-driven sales philosophy, continuous product innovation and a customer service model that has helped earn RegEd a reputation as a creative, responsive market leader that fully understands and responds to its clients’ needs.

John holds a B.A. from New York University and a J.D. from Washington University in Saint Louis.