What is IRI's Position on Expanding Retirement Savings?

IRI believes in expanding opportunities for Americans to save for retirement by enhancing access to - and features of - workplace retirement plans.

  • Require employers to offer retirement plans for workers
  • Reform the required minimum distribution (RMD) rule
  • Authorize the formation of 403(b) pooled employer plans (PEPS)
  • Clarify the eligibility period of the retirement plan start-up tax credit for small employers who join MEPS or PEPS
  • Enhance retirement plan features by requiring new plans to offer automatic enrollment and increase automatic contribution rates
  • Help employees save for retirement while repaying student loans
  • Increase the catch-up contribution limits for baby boomers and allow catch-up contributions for qualified caregivers
  • Expand opportunities for military spouses and members of the ready reserve to maximize their retirement savings
  • Offer workplace retirement plans to employees of legal cannabis businesses
  • Provide opportunities to accumulate or access emergency savings while ensuring retirement savings are maintained

IRI's Federal Retirement Security Blueprint

The Federal Retirement Security Blueprint includes common-sense, bipartisan policies to help our nation's workers and retirees achieve economic equity by strengthening their financial security and protecting their income to sustain them throughout their retirement years.

For More Government Affairs Information

For more information about IRI's position on the above areas, or for specific Bills that we support, please contact Government Affairs.