What is IRI's position on safeguarding against financial abuse?

IRI believes in enhancing protections to safeguard Americans from financial exploitation and fraud.

  • Reduce the regulatory barriers to the development and offering of innovative products such as registered index-linked annuities
  • Streamline how consumers receive electronic documents such as statements and account information
  • Promote interstate e-commerce by recognizing remote and electronic notarizations performed by a notary public regardless of the state in which the notary is commissioned
  • Establish a national, online “lost and found” for retirement accounts
  • Extend retirement savings counseling to federal student loan, job training, and apprenticeship recipients
  • Establish a presidential commission on financial inclusion

IRI's Federal Retirement Security Blueprint

The Federal Retirement Security Blueprint includes common-sense, bipartisan policies to help our nation's workers and retirees achieve economic equity by strengthening their financial security and protecting their income to sustain them throughout their retirement years.

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