What is IRI's position on preserving tax-deferred savings?

IRI believes in maintaining and augmenting the current tax treatment of retirement savings.

  • Maintain tax-deferred treatment for retirement savings
  • Protect the current structure and diversity of workplace retirement plans
  • Provide favorable tax treatment for guaranteed lifetime income
  • Enhance the start-up tax credit to encourage small businesses to establish workplace plans
  • Allow penalty-free withdrawals from retirement accounts as relief from natural disasters
  • Create opportunities for the use of innovative financing mechanisms to support rebuilding our nation’s infrastructure
  • Simplify the IRC §199a deduction application to financial professionals
  • Examine opportunities to make long-term care insurance more tax-advantaged, affordable, and accessible

IRI's Federal Retirement Security Blueprint

The Federal Retirement Security Blueprint includes common-sense, bipartisan policies to help our nation's workers and retirees achieve economic equity by strengthening their financial security and protecting their income to sustain them throughout their retirement years.

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