Ditching Imposter Syndrome

October 13, 2022 | 2 p.m. ET | Replay


In financial services industries, there is pressure to be able to find simple solutions to complex problems, consistently delivering high-quality outcomes.

It can be easy to feel that we never know enough and we're never expert enough. And we're always comparing ourselves with others. Yet we have to project a confident attitude and be able to bounce back from 'feedback', even if it hits hard.

Work in the industry is often left-brained, right or wrong, and for someone running Imposter Syndrome, this is really challenging, because we're scared that others are judging us the way we’re secretly judging ourselves.

On a neurological level, this risks impacting our performance, productivity, problem-solving skills, and our ability to process and retain complex information. On a physiological level, this can trigger stress, anxiety and burnout.

This interactive, virtual keynote will support people in their journey to setting themselves free from Imposter Syndrome, as well as raising awareness and supporting other colleagues to do the same - and removing the taboo. It will make it clear that Imposter Syndrome affects all of us - and share actionable take-aways that prove that there is plenty we can do other than 'coping' with it.

This will be a 90 minute virtual session including presentation, interview and audience question and answer. The presentation will be based on research findings, including results from a pre-questionnaire from attendees.



Meet the Speakers

Clare Josa
Author of the Ditching Imposter Syndrome



Melissa Kivett
Managing Director, Head of Enterprise Strategic Relationship Management
Prudential Financial