The Power of Language

Welcome to the Power of Language webinar series, brought to you by the Insured Retirement Institute (IRI) and Prudential Financial. In this series, we will explore the immense impact that language has on our lives, particularly in the context of retirement planning and financial security.

The Power of Langugae-social

Language is a powerful tool that can shape our perceptions, influence our decisions, and drive our actions. It plays a vital role in how we communicate and understand complex financial concepts that are crucial for a secure retirement.

Join us for a three-part webinar series as we bring together experts from the financial and retirement sectors to discuss the various ways in which language can be harnessed effectively. From understanding the nuances of retirement income solutions to effective communication strategies with clients, we will explore the art of impactful language that can help enhance client relationships and retirement outcomes.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to expand your knowledge and be inspired by the power of language.

The Planning Conversation

Financial planning is an inherently emotional process for many clients. It's important for advisors to understand what the client wants and why in order to better evaluate paths that the client can take to successfully achieve their desired outcomes.

A crucial part of including annuities in a modern retirement plan is making the language of annuities simple, easy to understand, and transparent.  Research insights from Maslansky + Partners and the Alliance for Lifetime Income provide data on the words that work well and those that don’t when having that retirement planning conversation with clients.



  • Frank O’Connor, Vice President, Research, IRI
  • Kiri Sandquist, Vice President Operations & Business Intelligence, Prudential

Annuities as an Asset Class

Annuities are in their moment and it’s time to talk about a new asset class: protection. Making financial protection assets, including annuities, part of their retirement plan may help give clients more security. Life insurance, disability insurance, long term care insurance, and retirement income insurance currently make up the financial protection asset class.

But if you think of annuities, they can provide protected lifetime income and help protect from the risk of longevity – a blend of investments and insurance. Both financial professionals and clients can benefit when annuities are part of their portfolio, 70% of financial professionals cite positive changes in client relationships after an annuity sale, with less stress about market fluctuations topping the list.



  • Kim Turner, Managing Director, North Carolina Financial Group, Prudential
  • Mike Visconti, Divisional Vice President, Retirement Strategies, Prudential
  • Frank O’Connor, Vice President, Research, IRI (Moderator)

The Art of Recommending an Annuity

It can be very tempting to jump right into explaining why one product is better than another, but that conversation ends up confusing clients, explaining feature after feature without really telling them what they need to know about the benefits that those features offer. Focusing on what the product does is incredibly important and the key to being successful is by using language that leads with the benefits of the product.


  • Anne Aldrich, Partner, Artemis Strategy Group
  • Jean Statler, CEO, Alliance for Lifetime Income
  • Brent Mondoskin, Chief Platform Officer, FIDx
  • Julie Murphy, CLU, ChFC, MBA, CFP®, Chief Visionary Officer, JMC Wealth Management
  • Frank O’Connor, Vice President, Research, IRI (Moderator)

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