Creating Consistency & Efficiency

Developing Consistency Throughout the Administrative Lifecycle

Creating a set of standards and best practices within your organization can be a long, painstaking process. IRI’s member companies have collaborated through our Operations & Technology Working Groups to create best practices and tools that can be leveraged in your journey toward consistent processing.



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Just-in-Time Appointment Processing

Using the just-in-time appointment process reduces complexity and drives consistency across carriers, improves the experience for financial advisors, and defers or avoids the costs associated with appointing financial professionals who will never sell products with the carrier. This document provides the recommendation of implementing just-in-time processing in 49 states.


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Email Addresses on Applications

Email is an efficient communication method between insurers and customers and supports additional use cases with e-Delivery. This document provides some industry best practices to ensure that more applications include email addresses.

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Best Practices for Mergers, Acquisitions, and Conversions

Mergers, acquisitions, and system conversions (MAC) are becoming more and more commonplace within our industry. To aid the industry through these periods of transition, IRI members created a set of Mergers, Acquisitions, Conversions best practices and a procedural checklist.

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Electronic Processing on Inforce Transactions

The Inforce Transaction Working Group worked to make digital administration of inforce policies more efficient. The group created a set of best practices for the use of e-Consent for administration of policies, a separate best practice document to address the digital administration of policies, and a boiler plate e-Signature addendum that can be leveraged between trading partners.

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Curbing the Use of Medallion Signatures Guarantees

In alignment with our Guiding Principles, a Medallion Signature Guarantee (MSG) Best Practice document has been created. This document details issues with current MSG usage and alternatives to using MSGs.