Strategic Pillars

Operations and Technology will focus on four main strategic pillars in 2023


Market Penetration

Market penetration that expands into the IMO and RIA channels and with their InsurTechs to ensure our working groups have the entire market covered. We will do this by creating value with channel-specific workstreams to address the top operations and technology hurdles in these channels. Calls are scheduled to create an action plan to draw in and engage the broader retirement income market.


Awareness and Adoption

Increase awareness and adoption of existing digital solutions available in the market. This pillar will create an in-depth market map of the channels, the workflows in the sales and post-sale process, and the solutions that play in each. The market map coupled with a broader voice that includes the IMOs, RIAs and InsurTechs will serve as a foundation for bringing the industry together on solutions.



Process and Regulation

Promote innovation across the entire market through process and regulation advancements to fill in the gaps that have been identified.


Data Enablement

Data enablement which will focus on creating the ability for the entire market to send and receive the data they need to complete their workflows and maintain their business. The newly formed Annuity Data Enablement Task Force will fit into this pillar and will help drive data enablement across the industry.