Strategic Pillars

Operations and Technology will focus on four main strategic pillars in 2023

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Ensure Market Voice

Essential to this pillar is that all channels are included in solution discussions. We seek to create value for the IMO and RIA channels and their Insuretechs to drive market penetration and ensure our digital first solutions solve for the entire market. This will be accomplished by creating value with channel-specific workstreams to address the top operations and technology hurdles in these channels.


Eliminate Friction

To retain financial professionals who want to understand, transact and manage annuities, we need to make it easier to support annuities in their tools. As part of this pillar, in-depth market maps, journey guides, and surveys of the pre-sale, sale, and post-sale processes will be created to ensure we are focusing on the most critical moments that matter to the financial professional and consumer.


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Implement Digital First

To support today’s financial professionals and consumers, and to manage costs, we must leverage a digital-first mindset. This pillar will focus on defining and implementing fast, modern, streamlined processes that are consistent across the industry for each step in the journey. IRI and its member firms are creating standardized rules of engagement that support broader product understanding, faster transactions, and easier management of annuity products. Moreover, the digital-first mindset employs a scalable “Build Once, Use Many” approach, which lessens the burden placed on carriers to meet the needs of data consumers.


Increase Awareness and Adoption of Existing Digital Solutions

This pillar will focus on increasing awareness and adoption of existing digital solutions available in the market to help achieve a true digital first model across the market. The goal is to have very clear rules of engagement for each unique process so that firms can build solutions once and use them for many use cases. To achieve this, the market needs to adopt the solutions.