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The 2024 IRI Retirement Saving and Income Handbook is the second edition of this unique guide to commonly available annuities and non-annuity alternatives. New in this year’s edition is a conceptual discussion on how annuities improve outcomes in retirement portfolios, in addition to several updated illustrative charts and new glossary terms. The guide provides basic information on the structure, benefits, and limitations of annuity products and solutions, combined with visual representations of the mechanics of each solution, how they differ from similar, non-annuity approaches, and a robust glossary of key terminology. The guide has many benefits for IRI members and others interested in annuities:

  • A training resource for those new to the industry or to annuities.
  • A tool to understand annuities in the context of their benefits and limitations relative to alternative non-annuity investment products.
  • A resource to help satisfy the requirement under the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission Regulation Best Interest that financial professionals evaluate annuities alongside reasonably available alternatives when making product recommendations.
  • A resource to help regulators and legislators understand how annuities function, and the roles they can play in client portfolios.